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Hiya :)

I'm still alive. Mary is almost 2. William Augustus Maximus was born July 6. We still have Jazzy, and we have Agrippa, who is turning out to be Mary's best friend. I may start using LJ again to have somewhere to post more than 420 characters. I dunno. I may go somewhere else like typepad or something. I'm not sure yet. No one uses LJ, but I guess that doesn't matter; guests can comment here.

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LJ decided to start letting me page back 10 posts at a time, rather than the 20 it was set for. Did that happen to anyone else? How'd you fix it? A quick look at my settings page didn't turn anything up.

001 The Gem and the Staff

Ha! I just made ninvampiress game one-on-one. We're playing GURPS, because apparently I'm a GURPS whore now.

I'm running her through the classic one-on-one D&D module O1 "The Gem and the Staff." I'm not using the original character that comes with the adventure. Since I'm using this as the beginnings of a continuing campaign, I made up a custom character. She's a "rogue" named Joveta, and has some magical abilities.

She has to infiltrate a mage's tower and steal a gem. Her first task was to sneak past a hydra without alerting it. Fail! She fell on her ass crossing the bridge and the hydra attacked! She eventually defeated it, but not before taking a lot of damage, using her one of her few precious healing potions too soon after beginning.

We had to stop there because Mary woke up. She can't play until she can roll the dice without trying to eat them.

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Last night was session three of Family GURPS Night. We are playing a 2nd edition D&D adventure in which the heroes must find out why men are disappearing from a village, and put a stop to it. I decided to use the Dungeon Fantasy templates to make it easy. They're all n00bs, and a classic dungeon crawl adventure is just what they need. We have ranger, paladin (war), rogue, bard, barbarian (played by my six year old nephew), and fire mage. They're having fun, and I'm getting back into the swing of things.

It's fun learning a new system. Simple things turn into full research projects, like how to put together a wand that shoots balls of ice.

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Last night we had some of the family over, including a six year old, for game night. I ran a GURPs fantasy game. It has been years since I've gamed, I've never played GURPs, and none of them had ever gamed at all. It went surprisingly well. It lasted far longer than the amount we accomplished would indicate, but all in all it was fun. They actually want to play again. We're playing fast and loose with the rules, as I doubt any of them have the patience or interest to commit full balls to the whole system.

Yesterday our little poop blossom turned seven months. She's so adorable. :)

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Attention anyone who lives in Longmont:

The Jack in the Box on Main sucks rhino balls. The burgers were shriveled even more than the worst Wendy's I've ever had. The cheese sticks were freezer burned. One of the seasoned curly fries, which cost more than regular fries, we ordered was half regular fries, and soggy ones at that. We're never going to Jack in the Box again.